Blitz Package: It’s time for a Chiefs quarterback change

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 31: Quarterbacks Alex Smith
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 31: Quarterbacks Alex Smith /

The Kansas City Chiefs offense needs some help and we all have a good idea where to get it. Patrick Mahomes should be starting for the Chiefs very soon.

There have been many different excuses for why the Kansas City Chiefs‘ offensive problems aren’t Alex Smith’s fault, but those are just that, excuses.

The offensive line isn’t the best in the league, not even close, but they aren’t the worst in the league either. That’s also not close. In the running game, it’s hard to block eight defenders every play. Teams aren’t scared of Smith so they stack the box and prepare for Andy Reid’s predictable play calling pattern.

On pass plays Smith runs into more sacks then the offensive line gives up because of his inability to trust the line and himself. He runs from no one and takes seven step drops from the shotgun, killing the tackles blocking angles.

The receivers are not the problem because they are getting open. All you have to do is follow Seth Keysor on Twitter to see the multiple open receivers in each game that Smith just flat ignores. If Smith doesn’t trust who he has on the field than that is on him, not the receivers. They are doing their job, it’s time Smith does his.

Reid needs to stop being stubborn and play the quarterback who has the tools to run his system. It’s either that or he needs to completely change his system to handle Smith’s lack of abilities. That is the only answer the Chiefs have for the terrible way this season is going. They can’t bring in any new players who will affect the game. Swapping out Ross Travis for Orson Charles isn’t going to change anything. Someone off the streets is clearly not good enough to get the job done, especially not this late in the season having to learn the offense. Mahomes is the only answer.

Even teams like the New York Giants are walking away from starters as they benched Eli Manning today in favor of Geno Smith. Depending on your position of if they should keep Manning after this year will say whether this is a good or bad move. They know this season is over, just as we all do with the Chiefs. So I can at least give them credit for doing what’s best for the team going forward, exactly what the Chiefs should be doing.