The Chiefs are out of reasons to not start Patrick Mahomes

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Patrick Mahomes
ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Patrick Mahomes /

For the present and the future, Patrick Mahomes is what’s best for the Kansas City Chiefs. Why wait to pull the trigger?

The future is clear. The future is Patrick Mahomes, and eventually, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to give him the keys, and it’s going to happen before the first week of the 2018 season. But why wait until then to start the process?

There are a bunch of arguments regarding Mahomes’ development. All of those arguments are flawed or some sort of uninformed.

(Listen to the podcast, I’ll debunk every one I could find.) Patrick Mahomes is the future, and he’d be well-served to get some on-field experience starting right now. (Or, more realistically, starting with the Raiders at home.)

But what would it mean for the present?

The offense can’t do much worse than four offensive touchdowns in four weeks, one being a checkdown miracle to Tyreek Hill and one screen pass to Albert Wilson. Alex Smith is Alex Smith. There’s “MVP Alex Smith,” there’s “essentially-two-touchdowns-in-four-weeks Alex Smith,” and your usual Alex Smith resides somewhere in the middle. But with Smith’s stock plummeting, Mahomes would do plenty of good in the short-term too.

Give Mahomes the keys now. Worst-case scenario, he has a catastrophic four-game stretch of rookie jitters, does nothing to help out an ice-cold offense, and hits the ground running in 2018. Best-case scenario? Maybe the rookie injects a little energy into the zombified offense.

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