Andy Reid remains committed to Alex Smith as Chiefs starting quarterback

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 30: Quarterback Alex Smith
KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 30: Quarterback Alex Smith /

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid answered any questions about a potential quarterback change with a very firm no, for the present and the future.

If you were wondering whether Andy Reid even thought about whether or not he should bring in Patrick Mahomes in relief of a clearly struggling Alex Smith on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs head coach had a firm answer. No.

And if you were also wondering whether or not he would consider such a change in the future, he gave reporters the same negative answer after the Chiefs most recent loss, and their fifth in six games, to the Buffalo Bills.

Despite a performance from Smith that looked similar to the bygone days of Matt Cassel and consecutive games where it looks like Smith has hit an odd wall of some kind, Reid remains firmly committed to Smith under center. Instead it even sounds as if Reid was able to think of a couple other positions or areas of concern to fix first.

"“That’s not where I’m at right now. There’s a couple other things that I’ve got to take care of,” said Reid after the game."

That answer will frustrate fans, who are wondering why a potential answer is just sitting there, wasting away, so to speak, when the product on the field is so bad. There are even fan movements hoping to spur action with Twitter hashtags and threats of skipping games until Reid does something different at the game’s most important position.

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However, for now, Reid believes Smith is not the concern or, at least, the primary one. Whatever these other areas are will hopefully be revealed in time. The Chiefs could use a fix of some kind and if the quarterback isn’t going to change, the team could soon lose any remaining postseason hopes.