Locked on Chiefs: Where does Kansas City go from here?

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 16: Defenders Nico Johnson
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 16: Defenders Nico Johnson /

The big question that we had for today’s show is where can they go from here and who on the offense can lead the team.

5-0 to 6-4. How did the Kansas City Chiefs go from the best team in the NFL to a team that couldn’t beat one of the worst teams in the NFL? They couldn’t even score a touchdown against one of the leagues worst pass defenses. Unfortunately there are not a ton of answers right now. There are things we can discuss and ideas that can be thrown out, but there are too many variables to narrow it down.

While it can’t be pared down to one thing, I’d say most can agree there are reoccurring issues that this team has to get fixed. Number one is consistent quarterback play week in and week out. Right now I don’t know if Smith garners much of a trade market if they were ready and able to trade him tomorrow. Smith’s value has dropped a lot faster than I anticipated was even possible. He looked like a completely different player early in the season. Now he’s showing why he hasn’t changed.

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The next easy target is Andy Reid who deserves a lot of the blame. After starting the season calling games fantastic he’s completely done a 180 degree turn. The trick play with Tyreek Hill throwing the ball was bad. Travis Kelce’s was just as bad if not worse. The Chiefs had struggled all day and just got the ball moving when they called that play. Bob Sutton is on the list of things that need to be addressed as well. It seems each season we are back to questioning his defense. For a team with such high aspirations all of the questions make it hard to believe anything good can happen for this team.

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