Marcus Peters asks Donald Trump for a meeting with Marshawn Lynch

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 17: Marcus Peters /

You can’t fault Marcus Peters for not believing in the power of Twitter to make an interesting meeting happen with him, Marshawn Lynch and the POTUS.

Donald Trump, Marcus Peters would like a word with you.

Actually, Peters would like an actual meeting, as requested on Twitter on Monday, that would not only include the Kansas City Chiefs star cornerback and the President of the United States but also Peters’ cousin, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch. The request read like this:

Your take on this entire scenario will probably depend on how you feel about Marcus Peters, Marshawn Lynch and the national anthem controversy that’s enveloped the NFL over the last several weeks. No matter how you slice it, however, I am pretty sure we could all admit that I would pay a few dollars to be able to sit in or listen in on this meeting, were it to ever happen.

It’s silly to think that Peters and Lynch could get a sit down with the President, but then again, Trump was the one who mentioned Lynch by name in the first place.

Given Trump’s penchant for bringing up random athletes and calling them out, it might do some good to actually have some productive conversation that could produce real insight and understanding rather than tweeting at each other from separate sides. It’s likely the sort of model, the idea of meeting together to hear one another, that could help the rest of us deal with these sorts of topics as well.

Or maybe it could just be really interesting to think that Trump would sit down with a couple NFL players because they requested it on Twitter.