John Dorsey’s ill-timed decisions are currently crippling the Kansas City Chiefs defense

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 30: Running back Jamaal Charles
KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 30: Running back Jamaal Charles /
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A note about Dorsey’s legacy

Let me be clear about this: John Dorsey was a wonderful general manager. In fact, Dorsey might have been the single best GM the Chiefs have ever had. Most certainly another team will sign him and reap the benefits of one of the NFL’s most accurate talent evaluators. His draft record rivals anyone in the NFL, and he was always able to unearth hidden gems in free agency. When he wanted to land the big fish on the open market, he could, and yet he was also patient when it came to transactions.

I think this is all important to say because we’ve been discussing his timing issues for a bit here and it’s not a fair representation of the man and what he meant to the Kansas City Chiefs. Were there mistimed decisions? Yes.

I’m not even saying that anyone could have done any better in the moment. For every thing that has seemed off in some way, Dorsey also made several right decisions that I could have never predicted. This sort of nitpicking in hindsight isn’t to villify Dorsey. Instead we’re just trying to make sense of our present situation.

I’m of the opinion that Dorsey is a very fine general manager and I’d trade pretty much any asset if it signaled his return to the Chiefs. But he also committed his fair share of mistakes (or mistimed decisions) and the Chiefs are now dealing with the ramifications.