Locked on Chiefs: A deeper look at Kansas City’s defense

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 2: Running back Kareem Hunt
KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 2: Running back Kareem Hunt /

We take a look at what the Chiefs defense can do to improve the way they’ve played so far this season.

The Kansas City Chiefs are off for the next week and will not report back to the facility until next Monday. The coaches will work through the next couple days to get some key issues squared away the best they can and then they will get some time off. This team definitely needs to refocus and regroup after a much deserved bye week. The Chiefs started the season on fire and have cooled considerably since then, losing three of their last four games after a 5-0 start to the season.

When you look at where the team has struggled the most it’s hard to pin it down. Both offense and defense have struggled in the running game and the passing game at times. Inconsistency is the one thing that Kansas City seems to be most consistent at right now. The penalties and lack of discipline they have shown at times is concerning but it can be mostly fixed. The Chiefs aren’t about to get back any other players that can come in and be a big help.

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Andy Reid has to go back to the drawing board in certain things for them to right the ship. The Steelers laid a blue print the rest of the league has worked to emulate to slow the Chiefs offensive attack. Alex Smith has always been best making pre-snap reads and figuring out how to beat a defense before the snap. Unfortunately a lot of teams are now forcing him to make post-snap reads which he isn’t near as successful with. Combine that with a lot more zone defenses and the Chiefs offense is struggling to move the ball.

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