Marshawn Lynch ejected from Chiefs vs. Raiders game

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marshawn Lynch
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marshawn Lynch /

The Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs got into a fracas in the second quarter and Marshawn Lynch was ejected from the game.

When the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders play a game, emotions are expected to be heightened. The AFC West division rivals are proud franchises who always show up ready to play one another, which often means the adrenaline is flowing, players become expressive and the energy in the fan base for each team reaches a fever pitch. Today that emotion got the best of Marshawn Lynch as the Oakland Raiders running back was ejected from the Thursday Night Football game in the second quarter.

As the Kansas City Chiefs stopped a Raiders drive in the second quarter, Derek Carr attempted a quarterback sneak and failed and Marcus Peters ended up hitting him as he was falling down. The Raiders players, especially the offensive line, took exception to what they deemed was an unnecessary or late hit on their quarterback and a fight ensued. Several players were yelling at each other, shoving each other and referees tried to enter in to stop anything from breaking out.

In the midst of this, Lynch entered the game from the sideline, running in for reasons only he could detail. No matter what happened, Lynch ended up making contact with a ref and pushing him away. Perhaps Lynch wanted to join his teammates, but he’s also related to Marcus Peters so perhaps he was wanting to mediate. Either way, contact with a ref is something no one will ever tolerate, no matter the reason given.

Check out the commotion below:

What makes this even worse is that Lynch has reportedly even left the stadium, not sticking around to support his teammates or see how the game works out.

It will be interesting to see how the Raiders handle this drama after the game.