Locked on Chiefs: Steelers hand first loss to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MP - JANUARY 15: Tight end Jesse James
KANSAS CITY, MP - JANUARY 15: Tight end Jesse James /

We take a look at the Chiefs first loss of the season in an ugly game.

On an ugly day in Kansas City, the Chiefs took their first loss of the season. The Chiefs offense didn’t seem to show up until the late third quarter and by then it was probably too little too late. The game ended a lot closer than it really seemed most of the day. The Steelers defense shut down the Chiefs offense for most of the game and really made Alex Smith uncomfortable the entire game.

On defense Kansas City could not find an answer for Leveon Bell. The Chiefs were gouged again by Bell on a day where they won the turnover battle. The Chiefs defense an out of gas late in the first half because they couldn’t get a stop when it mattered. The Steelers held the ball for almost 13 minutes in the first quarter. The Chiefs never adjusted to the running game the Steelers used until it was well into the second half. When you lose the time of possession like that it’s hard to have any offensive success or rhythm.

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There were several questionable calls throughout the game and non-calls as well. Kansas City lost two players during the game because of helmet to helmet shots by Steelers safety Mike Mitchell. I won’t be surprised if he ends up with a couple of fines this coming week. With a short week this week the Chiefs have the possibility of heading to Oakland without their star receiver in Tyreek Hill. It’s a definite possibility that they will end up being without their top three wide outs in Oakland. The Chiefs can still win but it’s going be a lot harder with those injuries.