Kansas City Chiefs vs Washington Redskins: 5 players to watch

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 25: Tight end Travis Kelce
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 25: Tight end Travis Kelce /
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CARSON, CA – SEPTEMBER 24: Running back Kareem Hunt
CARSON, CA – SEPTEMBER 24: Running back Kareem Hunt /

Kareem Hunt

Okay, I know, pretty obvious, but the fact is that Kareem Hunt has been so off-the-charts good to start the season that any list for players to watch that involves the Chiefs simply has to start with him. You can actually make a strong (non-homer) argument that Kareem Hunt has had the most impressive first three NFL games of any rookie EVER in the history of the NFL. He’s been THAT good.

Hunt entered week four leading the NFL with an average of 133.7 yards rushing per game. You add in his 45.7 yards receiving per game and six total touchdowns and you get numbers that make him an early season MVP candidate. So obviously a major thing to watch tonight will be if Kareem Hunt can continue his record-breaking hot start to his rookie season. If Hunt is able to keep producing like he has early on against the Redskins it will go a long ways towards helping the Chiefs improve to 4-0 on the season.

Hunt could have his work cut out for him tonight as Washington entered Week 4 with one of the best rush defenses in the entire NFL. Their 62.3 rushing yards allowed per game was second best in the NFL entering this week and their 3.2 yards per carry allowed was seventh best. They have only given up one rushing touchdown in three games, and their rush defense has been led by inside linebacker Zach Brown who is one of the NFL’s tackle leaders early in the season.

There are several other players to watch in this game but none will be bigger than Kareem Hunt.

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