Marcus Kemp interview: Chiefs WR stays realistic yet determined

TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 17: Wide receiver Marcus Kemp
TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 17: Wide receiver Marcus Kemp /
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BOULDER, CO – SEPTEMBER 20: Wide receiver Marcus Kemp
BOULDER, CO – SEPTEMBER 20: Wide receiver Marcus Kemp /

You mentioned the draft. Were you prepared for how it would play out? Was it emotional to watch things slip by?

I’m a realistic person, so I can step back and see how things will play out. I’m not unrealistic in the way that I see things and I don’t overreach. I understood that all of the projections did not have me drafted, so I knew that going forward. Obviously as a player growing up in this business, you want to be drafted. When you’re a kid, you want to be the first pick and things like that. As the draft goes on and you realize you might not be drafted, it hits you a little bit, but I’m a realistic person so I understood that. It’s nervewracking to go through the process. I had natural nerves and natural frustration in not being drafted, but I’m still blessed with this opportunity.

Did you hear from teams, even the Chiefs, concerning what they liked about your game?

During my senior season, I did hear from teams about what they liked and what they were looking for me to improve on. I also knew what they were looking for during pro day. I knew they were looking for a quick time in the 40, because that’s one question they had was my speed and athleticism. I felt that my pro day proved that I had athleticism and that I ran fast enough to be in the league. That’s all I’d really heard was the numbers I needed to get and I got those.

After that, I’m not really sure what they liked about me. I mean, obviously, I know the body type that I have is one thing. I’m a tall, long receiver that’s not slow, so I feel like that’s probably the biggest thing they’re looking for. I think it’s about the mismatch. We haven’t gotten anywhere toward the season, so I’m not exactly sure what they like or don’t like yet though. We’ll find out as time goes by.

The Chiefs recently cut Jeremy Maclin. How much of an opportunity did you have to get to know him?

I’m an undrafted rookie, so I understand my place. I didn’t get to speak to him that personally, but he’s been in the receivers room and at practice and I could see his leadership and what he brought to the team. I did get to speak to him a little bit, but I didn’t really get to meet him as a person.

I’d love to give readers a sense of the person you are off the field. How do you normally spend your downtime?

Well, I love to go to the movies. That’s one thing I’m big on is that I like to watch movies. Other than that, I like puzzles in a way, Rubik’s Cubes, things like that. I talk to my family a lot. Other than that, I don’t do very month. I think about football, watch movies and try to keep my mind occupied.