Chiefs rookie minicamp: Tanoh Kpassagnon feels comfortable gaining weight

Tanoh Kpassagnon says he feels very comfortable getting up to 300 pounds to bulk up along the defensive line for the Chiefs.

Gaining weight and staying ripped has never been a concern for Tanoh Kpassagnon. The superhuman specimen was a man among boys at Villanova, an FCS school, but he’s still a standout among NFL players, a chiseled 6’7, 280 lb. defensive lineman without any body fat, it seems. Now that the Chiefs want him to gain even more weight, 20 more pounds to be exact, to get up to 300 total and beef up the line, Kpassagnon doesn’t seem worried in the least.

From the Chiefs minicamp, Kpassagnon took questions during his first day on the field with the Chiefs. When asked about playing weight, he responded:

“I think I can comfortably get to 300, at least. It was funny, my strength coach back at Nova was telling me my whole career, ‘Yeah, you’re going to lose your abs, I’m going to get you to 300, and then we’re going to get them back.’ But I’ve progressively gained weight and held it well.”

Villanova head football coach Mark Ferrante told us recently in an interview, coming Monday, that Kpassagnon first came to ‘Nova at 240 pounds and the player’s words held true. Despite gaining 40 pounds of mass, it was always applied as muscle. In other words, Kpassagnon’s frame is so well-suited for more mass that further weight just makes him more imposing.

Kpassagnon was the second round pick of the Chiefs in last week’s NFL Draft, selected at No. 59 overall.