Dontari Poe rumors: Chiefs DT faces back concerns


Dontari Poe faces the same questions on the open market about his back that the Chiefs were forced to ask when they let him walk.

The Kansas City Chiefs have admitted they weren’t excited to watch Dontari Poe disappear into free agency. John Dorsey has said he would like to have him back, but that certainly includes a caveat that would read “at the right price.” Apparently other teams are having a hard time discerning that same amount given the lack of any substantive rumors at the start of free agency.

Poe is a two-time Pro Bowler who is still only 26-years-old. He’s a behemoth at appoximately 350 lbs. and athletic nose tackles are so rare that Brandon Williams just broke the bank to re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens for $54 million over 5 years. Poe should be next in line, but unfortunately the concerns about his back and the decrease in stamina over the years have left Poe in a similar situation to what a veteran running back might encounter.

Is it fair? Hard to say. Poe might find a great contract if he’s willing to wait until the dust settles a bit more. Just because a player isn’t signed during the initial frenzy doesn’t mean there’s not plenty more money out there. Some teams are still flush with cash and might be waiting to see where their first option will sign. Now that Williams is out of the way, perhaps today is the day we hear Poe’s name.

Or maybe Poe is used goods at this point and cannot expect to command the top dollar of which he likely dreamed leading up to this moment. Perhaps a one-year prove it deal is the best move. If the price lowers enough, it will be interesting to see if the Chiefs get involved once again or whether Poe can find his big payday after all.