Kansas City Chiefs: Super Bowl window is still open

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So I’ve now stated my case that the Chiefs are currently one of the better teams in all the NFL. I’ve also stated my case for the lack of realistic veteran options for KC to upgrade their QB position with. That’s why I believe that KC’s best option for a run again in 2017 is to stay with Alex Smith for one more season.

I’m not saying I love the idea. I’m not saying I think he’ll be significantly better in 2017, I just believe that finding great quarterbacks in the NFL is really hard to do. So if you have an average quarterback you hang on to him until you find something better. That takes us to the NFL draft.

I don’t believe the Chiefs will be able to draft a quarterback in April that can walk in and start on day one next season and make the Chiefs a serious contender. I do believe there are a few options that may be available in the late first round that an offensive guru like Andy Reid could groom to replace Alex Smith. So my plan moving forward would be to draft Smith’s replacement in the first (or possibly second) round and then spend the rest of the draft and free agency to continue to strengthen the roster to give Smith the best chance to get the Chiefs to the Super Bowl in 2017. That way you are both competing now and planning for the future.

I think if you beef up the rushing attack on offense to ease some of the pressure on Smith the offense could have more consistent success in 2017. If they can re-sign both Berry and Poe, get Howard and Bailey back and add another starting inside linebacker through the draft this team will be ready to compete again in 2017. There’s no need to blow things up or make drastic changes. The Chiefs were a good team in 2016 and are in a position to compete again next year.

I know Reid and Smith may drive you crazy at times but unless you have a clear better option you stay with what you have. Making a change because you’re frustrated and you just want something different isn’t good business. In fact, I think you’ll find the most successful NFL teams are the ones that don’t act on emotion and value consistency. Of course they also draft good talent, which is why the upcoming draft is so important, especially when it comes to finding a future quarterback to groom.

So what do you think Addicts? Am I crazy for wanting more of the same in 2017? Do you agree that KC’s Super Bowl window is still open? Are you done with Reid calling plays and Smith at quarterback or do you agree that the Chiefs need to give them another shot next season? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!