Kansas City Chiefs: Super Bowl window is still open

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ArmchairAddict1 /

It’s been a week since the Kansas City Chiefs broke the collective heart of their fan base with a two point loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you’re anything like me, you’re still not over it yet. In fact, I found no joy in watching the conference championship games this weekend at all (and not just because they were blow outs). I didn’t care who won. It wasn’t the Chiefs and that’s all that really matters. Wether its a fan base like New England that has already enjoyed multiple Super Bowl wins or a fan base like Atlanta’s that hasn’t, I’m still too bitter and jealous to feel happy for them. While another disappointing end to the season has me jaded, I still believe that the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl window is open going into next season.

Let’s address the anger and frustration that most of us are feeling before we get into the actual reasoning as to why we should still believe in this team. The Chiefs didn’t live up to our expectations this season. They won twelve games and the highly competitive AFC West, but couldn’t advance past the divisional round despite playing at home and having a first round bye. That’s a let down. Period.

It’s natural to be upset when the team that you live and die by let’s you down. The Chiefs have consistently been good enough to get our hopes up but not good enough to win it all for decades. I wish I had a more poetic way to put this, but that sucks. While I enjoyed this season infinitely more than the 2-14 season before John Dorsey and Andy Reid arrived, the sudden end of that enjoyment definitely leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.