Keenan Allen calls Marcus Peters ‘bum’ in tweet

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16: Marcus Peters
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16: Marcus Peters /

San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen is calling out Marcus Peters on Twitter, which is interesting since he has to way of backing it up.

Twitter was just rolling along on Thursday, and the Keenan Allen decided to pop off. Allen, who was roasting Marcus Peters to the tune of six catches and 63 yards, is calling Peters  a bum before the two teams play on Sunday.

If you recall, Allen was torching the two-time Pro Bowler for most of the first half before going down with a non-contact torn ACL. Now, Allen is going after Peters with the motives being unknown. In the Week 1 contest, the two spent plenty of time talking trash, including Peters taking a personal foul and getting away with at least one other.

Look, nobody is saying Allen isn’t a very good player. He is. In fact, you can argue he’s in the top 10 when he’s healthy. Still, it is somewhat of a weak move from a guy who has not seen the playoffs since 2013, and who isn’t healthy enough to back it up this weekend.

Peters brings out plenty of anger from players across the league, and he seems to thrive off it. Allen can call Peters whatever he wants, but Peters can laugh and go to the playoffs. The Chargers? They are 5-10 and have approximately 48 fans.