Locked on Chiefs – Alex Smith, comeback kid


The Chiefs moved to 1-0 after the biggest comeback in regular season team history on Sunday.

After a horrific first half that left them trailing the San Diego Chargers 21-3, some thing changed the tone of this team. It began to click. The defense got a stop. The offense began to move the ball. Special teams gave the team a spark. Rookie Tyreek Hill gave the team a spark. Soon, the engine was up and running and the team pushed through overtime to take a win from what looked like a sure loss early on.


Marcus Peters had to recover from an emotional first half where he was lambasted by Keenan Allen and Philip Rivers. He did, putting up a big second half and nearly making his first interception of 2016.

Dee Ford’s story was very similar. He struggled to set the edge. He struggled to shed blocks. He couldn’t get to the passer. Then as the second half unfolded, Ford started make in progress. Ford got stronger. With 53 seconds remaining in the then-tied ballgame, for hit paydirt. He recorded the only Kansas City sack of the day as Seth Keysor shows you below. We’ll talk with Seth later this week.

The biggest redemption was to come for the team’s leader. Alex Smith went to the locker room at the half with just 94 yards passing and one yard rushing. Long criticized as being unable to put he team on his back and carry it when needed, Smith had a big mountain to climb.

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He started climbing. He was able to get the offense on track and hit some big chunk plays. Jeremy Maclin, Travis Kielce and Chris Conley all had receptions of 13 yards or more. However, Spencer Ware was the biggest target on Smith’s radar, collecting eight Smith passes and the two biggest plays from scrimmage on the day. Smith stayed aggressive and in control, moving the ball better as the game went on into overtime. As they approached the goal line, Smith got a look he’d seen before and was able to cap off the victory with a QB keeper for the touchdown.

Smith finished the day with 378 yards from scrimmage. Smith’s turnaround was most impressive and set a big piece of foundation the Chiefs can build this season on.

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