Marcus Peters: ‘Take that s**t back to San Diego’ (Video)

KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 3: Marcus Peters
KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 3: Marcus Peters /

After the game, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters had some strong words for the San Diego Chargers.

Marcus Peters is not going to hold back on his feelings, like it or not. After looking like, and acting like, a chump throughout much of the first half, Peters and the rest of the defense settled down and allowed six points.

Following an incredible comeback from a 27-10 deficit to a 33-27 win, the second-year corner came into the tunnel and was caught telling Eric Berry what he thought of San Diego.

This is one happy team. After looking like a miserable wreck for most of the game, the Chiefs came roaring back with an incredible amount of fury, overcoming time and again.

Kansas City certainly needs to tighten up some major issues. Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead were running wild throughout the first half and Philip Rivers was throwing left and right until Keenan Allen got hurt.

At some point, defensive coordinator Bob Sutton will need to figure out what he must do while Justin Houston is recovering. Still, that is another problem for another day. For now, the Chiefs just got a huge win at home in the division, and that is something to be damn happy about.