Chiefs vs. Seahawks: AA lounge

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 07: Linebackers Tamba Hali
KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 07: Linebackers Tamba Hali /

Here’s where you can chat about the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks.

The Chiefs are hoping to earn their first win of the season, taking on the Seahawks at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City was able to win the first three exhibition games on its slate last season, including a Week 2 win over the Seahawks on home soil.

While the result genuinely means nothing – good or bad – there are some things we can watch for. How does Tyreek Hill look after being the superstar of training camp? Can Hill make some plays against the best secondary in football or does he recede into the abyss now that he’s facing live contact?

What about Nick Foles? Foles only signed with the Chiefs last week and already is the second quarterback on the depth chart behind Alex Smith. What does Foles bring to the table and how comfortable is he with the offense at this point?

Finally, and this is the main thing to watch for; injuries. Kansas City could lose this game 100-0 and have Smith throw an interception on every single attempt, and the day is a huge success if the Chiefs escape without any injuries. Nothing is worse than an important player going down with a serious injury that impacts the regular season.

With all of that said, go Chiefs!