Daily Locked on Chiefs – Depth Chart

On this episode of ‘Locked on Chiefs’ , Ryan and Chris take a look at the first “unofficial” depth released by the Kansas City Chiefs.  We keep an eye on what this early chart really means and what it doesn’t. We check on the KC passing game and finish up the eye on training camp report. Chris has been covering the team in St. Joe and fills you in on what he’s been seeing.

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‘Locked on Chiefs’ is a daily podcast show that drills down to the bottom line in Kansas City, posting five compact shows a week which let you get important Chiefs analysis quickly and easily. Hosts Ryan Tracy and Chris Clark give you a 360-degree view of the Kansas City Chiefs looking at on-field performance, stats & injuries. With an eye on the front office, we’ll look at trends and transactions that build the Chiefs roster including free agency and the NFL Draft.

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