Chiefs Contract Debate: Eric Fisher vs Eric Berry

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This week the Kansas City Chiefs came to terms with left tackle Eric Fisher on a four-year contract extension.

The fact that the Chiefs gave Fisher an extension probably wasn’t a shock to most, but the amount of the extension left many fans scratching their heads. In a vacuum the Fisher contract is enough to keep KC fans debating for a while but when you combine it with their inability to get a long-term deal done with Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry it just fuels the debate that much more.

Did the Chiefs prioritize Fisher over Berry? Is it more about positional value? Were the Chiefs planning on giving Fisher this big of a deal before things with Berry fell through or did they only decide to sign him after the franchise tag deadline had passed?

Even if General Manager John Dorsey answers those questions we may never really know the whole truth. What we can do is debate if the end result is in the Kansas City Chiefs best interest.

Before I proceed any further I need to confess this….I am a HUGE Eric Berry fan. He may be my favorite player on the team. I own an Eric Berry jersey and one of the “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Berry” shirts that KC sold after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Before I came to AA I wrote an entire blog piece on why the Chiefs needed to draft Berry coming out of college and when they picked him I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to hear a player’s name called as I was that day. Frankly, I’m not sure how any KC fan couldn’t absolutely love the guy. I mean he’s a Pro Bowl strong safety, arguably the biggest emotional leader on the team and the guy beat cancer for crying out loud.


I wanted to make that very clear to everyone before I said the following….

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