Chiefs special teams: 2016 stat projections

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Dustin Colquitt
Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt /

Last season, the Chiefs used a number of different players as their kick and punt returners, but the two that stood out the most were fourth string running back Knile Davis and the 5’8 De’Anthony Thomas. Davis was the main kick returner last season for KC, and averaged an impressive 25.6 yards per return, and capped the year with the previously mentioned highlight reel TD return in the Chiefs road playoff win against Houston.

Thomas was second on the team with six kick returns and had averaged a very respectable 23.0 yards per return himself. I am projecting Davis to have another good year as KC’s primary kick returner and others to chip in once again for Kansas City.

Switching over to the punt returning side of things, which was Thomas’s area last year for KC. However, DAT’s season came to an early end last season and it’s unknown how much action he will get at punt returner this year with likely Frankie Hammond being the main guy at that spot for Kansas City as of right now. Hammond averaged 8.2 yards per punt return in his 14 returns in 2015 and I expect him to improve on his return average with an increased workload this season.


Dustin Colquitt

Punts: 70

AVG: 44.9

IN 20: 38

Blocked Punts: 0


Cairo Santos

Kickoffs: 97

AVG: 64.1

TB: 47

FGM: 29

FGA: 35

PCT: 82.9

Long: 55

Blocked Kicks:1

Kick Returns

Knile Davis

KR: 28

KR Yards: 679

KR AVG: 24.3

KR TD: 1

Fumbles: 1

De’Anthony Thomas

KR: 4

KR Yards: 98

KR AVG: 24.5

KR TD: 0

Fumbles: 1

Chris Conley

KR: 3

KR Yards: 68

KR AVG: 22.7

KR TD: 0

Fumbles: 1

Punt Returns

Frankie Hammond

PR: 36

PR Yards: 352

PR AVG: 9.8

PR TD: 1

Fumbles: 2

De’Anthony Thomas

PR: 5

PR Yards: 42

PR AVG: 8.4

PR TD: 0

Fumbles: 0

There’s no question that good special teams play as really impacted and injected energy into this Chiefs team with the addition of special teams coach Dave Toub in 2013.

With playmakers like De’Anthony Thomas, Knile Davis and Frankie Hammond in the return game, along with the steady Dustin Colquitt and the talented, young Cairo Santos at the forefront of this unit, there is no reason to think that this ST group will be special once again. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they help Kansas City win a few close games this season as well.

What do you think, Addicts? How good can the Chiefs’ special teams be in 2016?