Chiefs news: Catching Kelce debuts in October


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s new show will be hitting the airwaves in October.

It’s always a measure of true celebrity when you have your own show. Apparently, Kelce has made the big-time. The Kansas City tight end is known for scoring touchdowns and showing off his dance moves, but now we get to peek into the life of the Cleveland native when he’s on the dating scene.

Kelce is on his own dating show, Catching Kelce, which will debut on E! come Oct. 5. We can all hope this doesn’t turn into some kind of weird distraction. In all fairness, it will mostly be a source of laughter for the team, as Kelce tries to find the right woman out of 50 contestants, one from each state.

Personally, I’ll sit back with some popcorn and fiancee and get a good laugh. It should be nothing short of amazing to watch Kelce try to find true love in a situation like this.

For him, it’s basically the typical Friday night. He’s surrounded by women vying for his attention, and he has to make a choice. It must be a rough life for the Pro Bowler, but then again, somebody has to live it.