What is happening with Knile Davis?


They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result, so this may be teetering on that brink.

What are the Kansas City Chiefs doing with Knile Davis.

As it has been said, many,many times over, former Arkansas Razorback Knile Davis lost the starting running back job when Chiefs pro-bowler Jamaal Charles went down with a second ACL tear in 2016. Being replaced by the dynamic duo Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware, Davis went from potential replacement to “riding the pine pony”.

No one really knows what happened, or why the fourth-year player has been put on the backside of running the ball, which brings to question what’s his role now? Knile has made a name for himself in the return game as a kick returner, collection three kickoff returns for a touchdowns in four years.

Perhaps his best one came in 2015 postseason when he took a Texans team to the house to open the 2015 playoffs. He also had a memorable return against the Denver Broncos taking it all the way for 108 yards for the score; the Chiefs would end up losing that game, but at least that was fun.

Some Knile Davis highlights for you below, the music is NSFW FYI.

There were rumors abound that general manager John Dorsey was shopping the return specialist around before the draft and even into the draft seeing what kind of return he could get for him. The draft came and went and no trade for Davis as of right now. So now what?

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs resigned both West and Ware to extended deals, which if ever there was a nail in the coffin for Davis that is it. The Chiefs have options at possible players for the return game, including the elusive and sometimes forgotten De’Anthony Thomas. Which speaking of, what is going on with him too? That should be saved for later. /

Davis has value yes, but his value is slowly getting more and softer in the fact that with options for returners for the Chiefs, his days could in theory be over. *Now, this is the part of the post in which a bold prediction will be made, so warning to those Davis fans out there* Knile Davis will not be on the Chiefs roster during the regular season.

What I think will happen for the player, is that he will play in a couple of preseason games. It will be these games and training camp that he will have to really prove his worth for the team. If no progress is made, in the coaches’ eyes, Davis will be cut. Obviously the team wants to get some value out of him in the form of a trade, and realistically he may be worth a sixth or seventh-round pick for them.

Either way the Chiefs will save around $700,000 in cap savings with a pre or post-June 1 cut according to Overthecap.com. A trade would be better but Davis is part of an ever growing backfield of more talented running backs on the team. Yes, there is value as a returner but with magic man special teams coordinator Dave Toub still coaching, a new return man can be taught and be just as effective as Davis.

So Knile Davis, while a decent player, more in the return game than running ball, is a value right now, but his time in KC is coming to a close faster and faster, and it is only a matter of time.

What do you think, Addicts? Is it finally time for Knile Davis to go, or is there still hope for him? Let us know in the comments.

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