Power Rankings: Chiefs Top 10 All-Time Running Backs

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Abner Haynes
UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 12: Abner Haynes in his days with the Dallas Texans. (Photo by Bob D’Olivo/The Enthusiast Network/Getty Images) /

6. Abner Haynes

The North Texas alum was a very talented player and was also one of the best receiving threats from his spot that this franchise has ever seen. Haynes got his start in the AFL as the premier RB for the Dallas Texans, rushing for 875 yards and nine touchdowns in 1960. He wound up playing two more years for the Texans before continuing his playing career for the Chiefs for the next two years. In those two seasons with the Chiefs, he managed to average 1,035 yards from scrimmage per year.

Before he hung up his NFL cleats, he made three Pro Bowl teams, two in the AFL with the Texans and one with the Chiefs in 1964. Today, Haynes is 76 and lives in the Dallas, Texas area and is the chairman of a non-profit organization.

Larry Johnson running back
KANSAS CITY, MO – DECEMBER 24: Johnson during his tenure with the Chiefs. (Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images) /

5. Larry Johnson

Johnson or LJ as many called him, had a very on and off career for the Chiefs. Although many will remember him for his many different altercations with women and poor attitude, he still had a couple of incredible seasons at the RB spot for KC.

Those seasons were in 2005 and 2006 where we saw Johnson rush for at least 1,750 yards and 17 touchdowns in each of those two campaigns, and at the time, was viewed as one of the top backs in the league. He ended his career as the second all-time leading rusher in team history, but since has been passed up by current running back Jamaal Charles.

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