Chiefs musing: The window is now

Could the Chiefs decide to move on from Dontari Poe? Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Could the Chiefs decide to move on from Dontari Poe? Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports /

With the summer upon us and maybe the quietest period of the offseason in the NFL, we’ll randomly ponder some different ideas about the Kansas City Chiefs and the AFC West. It’s fun, it’s relaxed, it’s the NFL offseason.

  • Chris Jones is an interesting pick for the Chiefs. While I like the player as a down the road, potential defensive lineman, he’s very curious in that he doesn’t truly provide depth at the nose position. Why is that interesting? Well, seeing how Dontari Poe is a free agent after this upcoming season and this organization has very little to no cap room in the next two upcoming off-seasons, his selection is somewhat curious. With both current starting ends, Bailey and Howard, under contract for the next two seasons, are the Chiefs planning on going with a different approach to their defensive front?
  • While we may despise John Elway as a player, Chiefs fans better tip their hat to Elway the executive. After winning the Super Bowl behind sub-par quarterback play, Elway has the team set up again to compete for the long haul, as the Broncos currently sit atop the league in money available under the cap in 2017. Having quarterback Paxton Lynch under contract  at bargain prices for the next five seasons will allow the Denver organization to be aggressive in bringing in veteran talent.
  • With the Raiders and Broncos apparently set in the long term with quarterbacks and cap room, the Chiefs opportunity may simply be this upcoming season. The Chiefs are likely going to be forced to let talented football players go, leading candidates being Jamal Charles and Dustin Colquitt.
  • Alex Smith’s replacement will have to be addressed soon. After the 2016 season, Smith will become more expensive. In football, especially once a player is past 30, you never want the cost of the player to be increasing while the players age also increases. While the 2017 quarterback class appears very weak, especially weak in depth, the 2018 class could be strong.
  • Watching the Eric Berry contract discussions will be interesting. While Berry is an elite leader, solid tackler, and a solid strong safety, Berry wants to be paid like a free safety. Concerns come from the fact Berry doesn’t create turnovers and his coverage deficiencies are well documented. Can you make a safety who doesn’t create turnovers and can’t cover tight ends the highest paid player at his position? has calculated his value at $8 million per season, while he’s reportedly asking for close to $10 million.
  • As of the day of this authoring of this article, according to the, the Kansas City Chiefs have $6,775,453 in 2017 cap room. That does not include their 2017 draft class nor does it include contracts for Eric Berry or Dontari Poe. The 2017 draft class will likely consume a vast majority of that number, so, free agency not likely to be a huge factor for this organization for a couple years.
  • Interesting factoid, the last time a quarterback not drafted in the first round appeared in a Super Bowl not named Tom Brady is none other then former Chiefs signal caller Rich Gannon when the Raiders fell to the Buccaneers. I will touch on this very topic next week as well as previewing the 2018 quarterback class and why the Chiefs need to be focusing attention and assets towards this very draft, and doing so now.
  • Regardless of what happens going forward, fans and media need to continue to call out this organization for the selection of Tyreek Hill. For years we’ve heard about the importance of character, and that is obviously been thrown out the window. For Dorsey and everyone else to put their jobs on the line (and understand, if Hill goes bad, Dorsey should be fired) for what in essence appears to be competition at kick returner is very curious.
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