Chiefs players with the most pressure

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Last week I focused on position groups that the Chiefs have showed faith in this offseason, and this week I’m going to identify some players that will have the most pressure this training camp to either make the roster or secure a role. Whether it be a draft pick or the continued emergence of a player already on the roster, these players will need strong camps to hold off the young players behind them and feel confident with their roster security. Let’s take a look.

Aaron Murray & Tyler Bray

For the majority of the offseason, especially when it became clear that Chase Daniel was not going to return, it seemed as if Murray and Bray were going to duel it out for the backup quarterback job with the loser still most likely making the 53 man roster. Well, that all changed when Kevin Hogan was drafted in the 5th round of the draft.

I expect Hogan to pick the offense up rather quickly and put himself in a position to win the backup job as well. Even if he doesn’t win the number two spot, he’s likely to still make the 53 man roster so he doesn’t get poached by another team. This means that there’s seems to be only one spot on the roster for either Murray or Bray, so instead of them battling for their spot on the depth chart they’re now battling for their jobs.

The only scenario I could see all four quarterbacks sticking with the team is if one of the backups (most likely Hogan) gets “injured” and lands on the IR.

Prediction: Murray wins the backup job, Hogan makes the 53 as the third string, Bray gets released.

De’Anthony Thomas & Frankie Hammond

With the addition of a few intriguing wide receivers this offseason, it seems like there might only be one, maybe two spots for the undersized and speedy receiver/returner role. Tyreek Hill, in particular, is the player that will most directly affect the fate of Thomas and Hammond as Kansas City Chiefs given the similarities in size and role.

If Hill can show enough as a receiver and returner, it may signal the end of both Thomas and Hammond’s tenure. It’d be a little disappointing to see Thomas let go given his playmaking ability, but his situation at the end of last season and the drafting of Hill gives off the impression that the Chiefs may be ready to move on. At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to how much Hill can impress, and this will surely be interesting to watch.

Prediction: Hill wins the returner role, Thomas gets traded, Hammond gets released.

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