The Chiefs and football: A passion play

Clark Hunt. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian- USA TODAY Sports
Clark Hunt. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian- USA TODAY Sports /
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Tyreek Hill. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger- USA TODAY Sports
Tyreek Hill. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger- USA TODAY Sports /

As I mentioned before, football is not played in a vacuum. Yes, I’d rather that the Chiefs only draft players without criminal records or suspensions. I don’t believe any company that is as high profile, like the Chiefs, an entertainment oriented oranization, is the place to be working out your own personal world forgiveness plan and peace agenda.

I don’t believe it’s fair to the fans of Kansas City or that they deserve to be burdened with players who have these kinds of issues. Football is entertainment and dealing with a woman beater sends the wrong message to the masses. One of my brothers, who wrote me from China this week, to emphasize his dismay, sent me this headline and suggested that I use it, “The Chiefs Open a Half Way House in the Locker Room.”

I also don’t believe it’s fair to the other members of the team to bring in players that they have to worry about being associated with. We may not know for some time, but this draft could end up fracturing a solid locker room simply because these upstanding men don’t want to be connected to the newbies who’ve been labeled in such negative ways. Plus, the current players should not be saddled with “social worker’s responsibilities” (also from my brother in China).

What concerns me more than anything here is what appears to be the Chiefs apparent change in policy. Are they still dedicated to bringing in ONLY high character guys? It looks like that ship has sailed and we’ll now be having to get used to a few pirates on our ship each season.

With initial concerns about Marcus Peters, who choked his college coach, and now with a few questionable picks this year, I’m more uncertain than I’ve ever been about the direction and future of these Kansas City Chiefs.

While John Dorsey is comfortable climbing into bed with these guys, I’m not so sure he’s going to get the continued support of the traditional Kansas City Chiefs families who used to flood Arrowhead annually.

What do you think Addict fans? Does it matter to you that Clark Hunt is satisfied if the Chiefs only draft “a majority” of high character guys from now on?