Podcast: Breaking down the Chiefs’ draft and Tyreek Hill


On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco breaks down the impact of every single pick of the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2016 NFL Draft, including the controversy surrounding new Chief Tyreek Hill.

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If you need some time before getting back into the Tyreek Hill conversation, I hope this show gives you 39 minutes of blissful draft pick analysis. If you want to skip to the juicy bit, that starts 39 minutes into this show.

The Chiefs made a third-day pick the big story of their draft, which seemed nearly impossible before Saturday. Overall, this draft brought a lot of interesting developments to the team that make for great conversation. Chris Jones brings unique versatility and incredible flexibility to the defensive line.

KeiVarae Russell brings starter-potential to a cornerback depth chart that needs someone to rise to the top. Parker Ehinger fills one of the Chiefs’ biggest positional needs. Eric Murray adds to that incredibly young cornerback depth. Demarcus Robinson, with issues of his own, could use his crazy talent and a strong support system to step into a future significant role in Reid’s offense.

Kevin Hogan might just be the next Chase Daniel, but new quarterbacks demand conversation. D.J. White and Dadi Nicolas are potential developmental defensive pieces that will earn a special look in training camp. This draft is packed with stories, and on this show, I think you’ll get your fill of all of them.

Plus, we’ll hear John Dorsey out on the process that led to drafting a man on probation for felony domestic abuse.

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