Chiefs draft: Be careful what you ask for

William Jackson III. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer- USA TODAY Sports
William Jackson III. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer- USA TODAY Sports /

William Jackson III. Do you want him to be the Kansas City Chiefs first pick at No. 28? How about Cody Whitehair? Do you want him?

Many fans would like to see either a cornerback or a guard taken in the first or second rounds. Some believe this is the best draft in years for a defensive lineman so the Chiefs better take one, right? Well, if you’ve been a K.C. Chiefs fan long enough to remember defensive lineman Ryan Sims in 2002… then maybe not. So, be careful what you ask for.

The reality is, not all players are going to succeed in the National Football League. It’s just the law of averages. Cornerback Marcus Peters was great. Linebacker Dee Ford? Well, not yet anyway. Some will argue, “But I didn’t even want Dee Ford.” True, but many fans wanted Ryan Sims and look how he turned out. He stayed in the league until 2011 but never had an impact, which is fairly disappointing for a first-round pick, sixth overall.

Remember defensive lineman Vernon Gholston from the 2008 draft? Many of you wanted him to join the Kansas City Chiefs. After being out of football for two years he tweeted out in February that he was excited to have a tryout with the Redskins. For now, that’s where his NFL story is, on pause.

Anyone recall how enamored we all were, including me, with linebacker Aaron Curry during the 2009 draft season? He won the Butkus award in college for being the best linebacker in the country in 2008. I don’t think there has been, not in recent memory, a prospect that Chiefs fans have so universally agreed should be the Chiefs first pick in the draft. Of course, the Chiefs didn’t disappoint you that year **wink-wink** they took defensive lineman Tyson Jackson instead, with the third pick overall and Aaron Curry went one pick later.

Does the name Geno Smith ring any bells? In 2013, a number of Arrowhead Addict writers were calling for him to be the Chiefs first pick. Instead, the New York Jets selected him 39th overall but he hasn’t stopped the Jets from continuously searching for a starting quarterback in the past three seasons. Although Geno was scheduled to be the Jets starter last August he got up in a linebackers face and reportedly touched him in the face with his finger while pointing at him, all over a $600 dispute.

That linebacker, Ikemefuna “IK” Enemkpali, then punched Geno Smith, breaking his jaw and basically ending his season and, perhaps his career. With the Jets unable to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick yet, there is zero talk about the Jets moving on with Geno at the helm but, there  is talk of drafting another QB.

With the 2016 NFL draft finally arriving this week, let’s all sit back and watch with wonder as our resident expert John Dorsey hauls in another crop of quality people to add to the Kansas City Chiefs family. Just remember, be careful what you ask for.

What do you say, Addict fans? Have any memories of wanting a player… who turned out to be… shall we say… not so great? Or perhaps you’ve always only wanted players who have been great. Do tell. Then maybe the Chiefs should be hiring you!