Eric Berry negotiation expected to be smooth


There is a report that the Kansas City Chiefs and Eric Berry won’t have a problem coming to a long-term deal.

The Chiefs don’t have much to worry about when it comes to signing Berry, according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. General manager John Dorsey applied the franchise tag to Berry back in February, giving him a one-year deal worth $10.8 million. For Berry, it would make sense to lock up a long-term deal that pays him more and provides security should an injury arise.

Robinson believes that Berry and the Chiefs have plenty of mutual respect and believes that sometimes this spring or summer, a pact will be reached:

"The Chiefs are neck-deep in draft grinding right now, so Berry is on the back burner for the short term. This isn’t a sign of problems. The negotiations to get Berry extended will pick up after the draft. And it will emerge as the top priority for the Chiefs. Berry wants to be in Kansas City. He’s emotionally attached to the city, fan base and franchise. He has a great relationship with the coaching staff and front office. That mutual admiration will go a long way."

As for the size of the contract, Robinson thinks that Devin McCourty’s deal with the New England Patriots of five years and $47.5 million is likely the base line. This would seem logical, and look for Berry to get a five-eyar deal around $52 million with $28 million guaranteed. It would make sense considering he is in the prime of his career at 27 years old and coming off a First-Team All-Pro season.

There are those who say that any safety is not worth that amount of money, but I would disagree. Berry is not just good, he’s great. While the interceptions are not massive by any stretch, he can play one-on-one with any tight end and shut him down, while also being a monster in run support. Berry is equally solid at taking away the big play, using elite anticipatory skills.

In addition, he’s the heart and soul of the Chiefs. It’s obvious that Berry is one fo the true leaders, and is only emboldened in that role after beating Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year.