Are Chiefs uniforms untouchable?


The Kansas City Chiefs have basically been wearing the same uniforms since coming to the city in 1963.

Every year, we see some team(s) in the NFL changing its jersey to help sell a few more. It is shameful for the most part, with folks having to buy some crappy alternate jersey. The Chiefs have never done that to their fans, refusing to change the red and gold.

However, some have spoken out in recent times, saying Kansas City should do something to liven up the uniform. Perhaps a new logo on the helmet or an alternate jersey to get people excited. Of course, the Chiefs did go to a red on red look a few times over the past few seasons in big home games, but that is just a different combination.

Personally, I would be ticked if they change the uniform. I think the interlocking KC is beautiful on that crisp red helmet without a stripe. The colors go great together and there is an iconic look. Whether you are watching highlights of Jamaal Charles or Otis Taylor, you immediately know what team it is.

What about you? Do you think Kansas City should alter the logo/uniform in some way, or leave it exactly as is?