Chiefs schedule: Who do you want in opener?


Who do you want the Kansas City Chiefs to play in their season opener?

We can look at the NFL schedule in a few weeks, when the league lets us know where the Chiefs play each of their 13 opponents in 2016. However, since we don’t know the order of the contests yet, let’s have a little fun.

Here are the opponents for 2016, home and away…

HOME: Oakland, Denver, San Diego, New York Jets, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Tennessee, Jacksonville
ROAD: Oakland, Denver, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Houston

Looking at the Kansas City Royals’ schedule, we see they are away during Week 1 of the NFL season. This tells us that the Chiefs will likely be at Arrowhead Stadium, so take a hard look at the home games.

Personally, give me the Buccaneers. Why? The Chiefs are clearly the better team and Tampa Bay has a first-time head coach in Dirk Koetter. Kansas City should be able to take advantage of that, along with being in year four of its own program. If the Chiefs can’t beat the Buccaneers to start the season, they are in serious trouble.

Another potential matchup I would not mind is New York. The Jets are a good team and typically, it gets harder to beat a good team as the year goes on. The urgency goes up and guys find rhythm. I wouldn’t mind Kansas City welcoming in Gang Green, especially if Geno Smith or Bryce Petty is the starting quarterback.