Chiefs could be in weird spot at 28

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Most everyone and their mother who does a mock draft is seemingly linking the Chiefs to a cornerback at the No. 28 spot in the draft. Sure, some have started linking the Chiefs to Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch, but again, it seems like it’s a cornerback for the Chiefs.

And why not right? I mean, there’s only one cornerback on this roster who’s really started games at the NFL level, second year player Marcus Peters, and behind him really only resides questions and a grab bag of questions. However, there could be a unique issue for the Chiefs, and there is a chance all the cornerbacks could be gone. Here’s why.

This draft appears like it will be filled with runs on positions. Once you get out of the top 10, and really hit the 14th spot at the Oakland Raiders, there isn’t a team set to pick that couldn’t use help at defensive back. Also, there are a slew of teams on on the board, again, starting in the early teens, that could use help at defensive line, which this draft is LOADED.

I will say LOADED again to emphasize just how deep this draft is at and near the top of defensive lineman. Also in this mix is wide receiver. Questions on where pass catchers go will impact the draft as well, and this will all influence greatly and directly what the Chiefs are able to do at 28.

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