Chiefs to be trading places

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Special note: the lines in this graphic between two teams may represent more than one trade.

The above graphic reveals:

32 Inter-Conference trades

16 Intra-Conference trades

2 Intra-Divisional trades

The sheer number of trades is one of the reasons I created this graphic. The most trades take place between teams in different conferences. That makes sense because teams don’t want to help teams in their own conferences get to their conference championship game before they do. While there were only two trades between teams from the same division, I’m surprised there were any at all. After all, why would any team want to help a team they are in direct competition with to win their division?

While it would seem impossible to predict a trade involving the Chiefs, studying this graphic can tell you who might be a trade partner. First, there is the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Doug Pederson. Because his team is in the “other” conference, and because of this familiarity with the Chiefs family, Philly looks like a strong trade partner in the future.

Next, if the New Orleans Saints were happy with the trade they made for a fifth round pick to pawn off Guard “Has” Ben Grubbs, they could be a potential trade partner again. New Orleans used the 5th round pick they traded for to select DT Tyeler Davison who currently serves as a backup to 35 year old Kevin Williams for them.

The Chiefs also traded with Minnesota to move up and take WR Chris Conley in the third round. Perhaps they’ll have them to serve as a trade partner this year, although it may be to move down and allow them to move up. You know, a little quid pro quo.

Beyond that, it would be difficult to say for sure who the Chiefs could trade with. However, there looks to be at least 16 suitors in the NFC. Every single team on that side of the mountain made a trade last season in connection with the draft. Many of them made several trades. In fact, half of the teams in the NFC made three or more trades so, if the Chiefs are looking for a trade partner, they certainly have plenty of choices.

A Trade & Mock for the #2 Pick

Former Senior Vice President and General Manager in Houston, Charlie Casserly of, suggests that if the Cleveland Browns trade the second pick in this draft that they not move any further down than two spots so as to miss not out on a top tier talent. Casserly says further,

"“The first thing you do when you trade back is you decide, ‘How far are you going to go back?’ To me, there are four players I think I’d take with the first pick in the draft. (Tunsil and Bosa are two) Jalen Ramsey I think is worth it, and Myles Jack I think is worth it,” Casserly said on NFL Network‘s “Path to the Draft”. “So I’m not going to go back any farther (than No. 4) so I’m not going to lose one of those guys.”"

Trade & Mock #2

Following is one fan’s trade-and-draft scenario from a blog. I don’t, and can’t (because the Chiefs have already used the franchise tag on Eric Berry) agree with it but it’s interesting enough to consider the trade possibilities related to a draft:

Franchise Tag- Sean Smith 13 million for one year…


Eric Berry 5 year 50 million 6 million 2016 cap number

Derrick Johnson 5 year 25 million 3 million 2016 cap number

Jeff Allen 5 year 25 million 3 million 2016 cap number

Jaye Howard 5 year 40 million 4.5 million 2016 cap number

Tamba Hali 5 year 25 million 3 million 2016 cap number

Tyvon Branch 4 year 16 million 2 million 2016 cap number


Anthony Sherman save 1 million

Paul Fanaika save 1 million

Josh Mauga save 1.25 million

Knile Davis save 700k

Dustin Colquitt save 2.85 million (hate hate hate to do this but this would be my last resort move)


28-MacKenzie Alexander CB Clemson (one of my favorite players in the draft, I think in a couple of years he has the talent to be one of the best corners in the league)


2ND, 3RD AND 4TH ROUND PICK TO Tennessee for #33 overall (TN needs more picks, we have depth so we make a run at another stud young CB)

33-Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech

5-Glenn Gronkowski FB Kansas State (a better version of Anthony Sherman)

5-Paul Hackett P Utah (hate to replace Colquitt but we need the cap space)

Obviously to predict a trade-and-draft mock is exponentially more complex than a straight mock but in my mind, so much more intriguing, insightful and satisfying.

There is more than one way to peel and onion and my guess is that, there will be a trade involved in this draft for the Kansas City Chiefs.

What do you think Addict Fans? Is there a player on the Chiefs roster… or a player on another team’s roster… that you’d like to see connected to a trade in this draft? Do you have your own… “Sign, Release, Draft and Trade” scenario?