Coffee with the Chiefs – Bring Sean Smith back?


Good morning, Addicts! It’s Thursday, which means the work week is finally winding down. You can escape and go outside, enjoy some warmer air this weekend and perhaps get some sun. It should be a damn good time.

On the Kansas City Chiefs front, we still await any news about contracts and draft prospects. There will certainly be some in the coming days and weeks, maybe even today. It is impossible to tell when news is going to break, especially with the tight-lipped attitude of One Arrowhead Drive.

Here is the news you need to know…

Kansas City should find a way to bring back Sean SmithJoel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride

"The Chiefs have one that they like, one that fits their system. 6’3 and 220 pound corners don’t grow on trees. The Chiefs got lucky to sign Smith to an affordable deal three years ago. Usually players like that require a larger investment or, as the Chiefs saw last year, a first round pick. Pro Football Focus points out that someone on the free agent market would likely be a downgrade from Smith."

Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith is compared to Derrick JohnsonJoel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride

"Derrick Johnson is one of my favorite Kansas City Chiefs players. The way he shoots the gap and stuffs a running back in the backfield is one of my favorite plays in the game. So I take notice when someone compares a draft prospect to Derrick Johnson."

Kansas City Chiefs scouting report: Laquon TreadwellLeigh Oleszczak of KC Kingdom

"It’s incredibly unrealistic to even link the Chiefs with Treadwell. He’s a top ten talent, and Kansas City won’t be on the clock until the fourth to last pick in the draft. There is absolutely no way that he will drop that far, and if he does, there’s probably a good reason for it."