Patriots having all kinds of problems


The New England Patriots might be getting healthier, but they are having all kinds of problems in the week leading up to their game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

New England is known as the place where distractions go to die (unless it’s DeflateGate, then it lives forever), but head coach Bill Belichick has his work cut out for him this week. On Tuesday, Belichick showed up to his press conference with a black eye. Then, word began to leak out (and is now pouring out) that defensive end Chandler Jones showed up to a police station all kinds of messed up before ending up in the emergency room on Sunday, according to the Boston Herald.

Jones has been at practice throughout the week, but there is all kinds of investigations with people trying to uncover what happened. There are rumors that Jones had an issue with pills, but that certainly is unconfirmed. Meanwhile, tight end Rob Gronkowski was absent from Tuesday’s practice and nobody has a clear word as to why. Perhaps in connection with that, there was a tweet sent out by the Dennis and Callahan show of Boston that stated Jones overdosed on pills at Gronkowski’s house. That tweet has since been deleted.

It’s unclear what the hell is going on with the Patriots, but these are not the kind of stories you dream of before a playoff game.