Chiefs win in playoffs finally seems possible


As we barrel towards a wildly bizarre and unexpected but expected end of the season, it’s not to early to start looking forward to possibly playoff matchups.

And with that discussion of the playoffs, we certainly can’t forget to point out that the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since Buddy Ryan strolled the sidelines of the Houston Oilers in Joe Montana’s first season as the quarterback of the Chiefs in Jan. 1994.

Coincidentally enough, it certainly appears  the Chiefs next playoff opponent will also play in the city of Houston. At this moment, odds appear strong that the Chiefs will be traveling to Houston to take on the Texans, the team they defeated in Week 1. Perhaps the Chiefs will be able to defeat Houston again.

If the Chiefs do play the Texans in the playoffs, one would certainly hope that the Chiefs are able to pick up that long-awaited postseason victory. Houston is far from overly impressive, as winning the AFC South really isn’t all that great with the fluff that’s currently playing there. The Tennessee Titans are awful, the Indianapolis Colts are a bad team, despite their quarterback, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are a team that appears to be on the rise, but from the levels they had been at for so long, it’s hard to determine if they are good, or simply better then the awful hot mess they had been for years.

Houston’s quarterback situation is currently in a bad state of flux, as questions swirl around the availability of Brian Hoyer. While there is no Ryan Mallett on the Texans roster, they do have another quarterback who entered the league with fanfare, ex-Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns starter Brandon Weeden. The Texans don’t exactly posses a potent offense outside of wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and while they certainly have solid players on defense, it’s not a shutdown unit. Granted, the effort that must be made to look after J.J. Watt does allow lesser players to be stars, and Vince Wilfork, if he’s healthy and full strength, can be a force in the middle.

Lets put this out there, if the Chiefs do play the Texans in the Wild Card round of the playoffs and Weeden is playing quarterback, the victory should be simple and thorough. If the Chiefs lose that game…..ooof.

Other possible opponents include the Denver Broncos, who are on a downward spiral with the fact they simply can’t run the football, and whomever their quarterback is simply doesn’t have the juice to carry the offense. While Denver does still possess a good defense with good corners, its inability to move the football, especially on the ground, will likely spell doom down the stretch for the mountain donkeys.

Cincinnati is another possible opponent, and much of the thought on the Bengals revolves around the ability of Andy Dalton to return from the thumb injury and play at a high level. The Bengals have a nice defense and while they are not a great running team, they can be effective when needs be. However, the team is vastly different if the quarterback is A.J. McCarron. The Chiefs traveling could be iffy as Cincinnati is sure to be cold at that time, though with the current warm spell across the country, who knows what the weather will look like.

Certainly the Chiefs didn’t play well against a bottom-feeding team like the Baltimore Ravens, but had enough talent to get past some uninspired play. Games against the Browns and Oakland Raiders could be in the same light. Obviously, this team will have to come out inspired if they want to win in the playoffs. Almost every realistic opponent for the Chiefs is beatable, and I’m not sure there’s a team that really scares outside of the New England Patriots. Yet, even the Tom Brady-led Patriots are beatable, though that’s easier said then done.

Lets see what happens.