Chiefs have many playoff possibilities


The Kansas City Chiefs are in the playoffs. Let that sink in for a minute. After starting 1-5, the Chiefs have reeled off nine straight wins, including a victory over the Cleveland Browns in heart-stopping fashion. Coupled with a loss by the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Baltimore Ravens.

So, who can the Chiefs play in the Wild Card round? Let’s go over the possibilities:

If the Chiefs win the division…

Kansas City could play either the Steelers, New York Jets or Denver Broncos. Should the Chiefs win the division, they are locked into the third seed. As of now, the Jets are sitting in the sixth seed but a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night would drop Denver into that spot, via conference record.

The only way the Chiefs play Pittsburgh is if the Broncos lose out, the Steelers beat Cleveland next Sunday and the Jets beat the Buffalo Bills. Kansas City would play New York if Denver splits, the Jets lose to Buffalo and Pittsburgh loses to the Browns.

Kansas City would draw the Broncos if they lose out and the Steelers lose. The Chiefs also play Denver if it splits and Kansas City beats the Oakland Raiders.

If the Chiefs are the No. 5 seed

Kansas City would either play the Houston Texans or Indianapolis Colts. If Houston beats the Jacksonville Jaguars next week, the Chiefs travel to Texas. Should Houston lose and Indianapolis wins, the Chiefs go to take on the Colts.

If the Chiefs are the No. 6 seed

Kansas City would either play the Broncos or Bengals. If the Broncos beat the Bengals and then topple the San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati is the opponent. Should the Bengals win on Monday and the Broncos beat the Chargers, and the Chiefs lose to Oakland, they would take on Denver.

Who are you rooting for?