Andy Reid does The Dab, team goes insane (Video)


Sometimes, there are no words. For anybody who does not know what The Dab is, it is a dance that Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers made famous this season. It is basically going to the bicep for a sweet kiss, and the youngsters love it.

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cleveland Browns and clinched a playoff spot on Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium, head coach Andy Reid dropped the mic with The Dab on his players.

This is what these guys live for. These players and coaches are a family. They have been working alongside each other everyday for the past six months or so, going from training camp, to the preseason, to the regular season. Now, this tough group will be going to the postseason after rising from the proverbial dead.

Kansas City has clinched a spot but could still win the AFC West should the Denver Broncos lose either of their last two games. The first of which is coming on Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals, who are hoping to lock up a BYE in the first round of the playoffs.

Soak all of this in, it does not get any better than Andy Reid doing this dance.