Two Browns players arrested ahead of game vs. Chiefs


The Cleveland Browns continue to be a factory of sadness for their fans and the entire state of Ohio, save the Cincinnati area.

Browns players Armonty Bryant and De’Ante Saunders were arrested early Friday morning, once again proving former Chiefs coach Herm Edwards’ montra that “nothing good happens after midnight.”

The news was first reported by Scott Taylor of WOIO in Cleveland.

I guess when you’re a player on the Browns, Christmas is a time not to spend precious hours with friends and loved ones but instead, it is the season to get drunk, grab some drugs and a gun and go on a joy ride.

Current Browns GM and former Chiefs pro personnel director, issued a statement:

As a result of this incident, Bryant will be left behind in Cleveland when the Browns travel to KC to take on the Chiefs. This is good news for Kansas City as Bryant is second on the team in sacks for Cleveland.

Saunders is basically a practice squad player and likely wouldn’t have made an impact Sunday.

The Browns have been terrible all year so losing their second best pass rusher against the Chiefs is a devastating blow to Cleveland’s chances of leaving Arrowhead Stadium with a win on Sunday. KC’s biggest weakness is pass protection so the rush is one area Cleveland actually might have been able to be competitive.

Losing is not an option Sunday for the Chiefs. If Kansas City can take care of business against Cleveland and the Jets lose to the Patriots, Kansas City is playoff bound.

Should the Chiefs stumble against the Browns, matters would get much more interesting. KC would need a home win vs. an improving Oakland Raiders team in Week 17 in order to secure itself a playoff spot.

Since it is likely that the Jets will fail vs. New England, the Chiefs would be wise to punch their ticket to the playoffs before we bid goodbye to 2015.