Chiefs on Holiday: Is it just me, or…

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Oct 25, 2015; St. Louis, MO, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (80) looks on prior to the game against the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Is it just me, or…

Or is anyone else looking forward to seeing WR Dwayne Bowe play some football at Arrowhead tomorrow? I’ve always liked the BoweShow and was sad to see him go. I know things haven’t worked out well for him in Cleveland but he’s a talented receiver and my take is… Cleveland has done him wrong. Of course I want the Chiefs to win on Sunday but I’d also like to see Dwayne Bowe have a good game.

(Shhh… hey Bowe… if you could do something to get cut and then come back to play for K.C., there are a number of fans who wouldn’t be sad at all… shhh… and maybe you could play for free for one year to make up for the 8.89 Mil the Chiefs are paying you to play for the Brownies right now… shhh! No, I don’t have anger issues. I SAID I AIN’T GOT NO DANG ANGER ISSUES!!!!).

Is it just me, or…

Is anyone else feeling like this HAS TO BE THE YEAR the Chiefs go all the way. With the team probably losing several key contributors this coming offseason… and projecting that the replacements will likely take a year or two to mature… then the idea that several other significant contributors will exit a couple of years from now… doesn’t this HAVE TO BE THE YEAR?

I’m not predicting a doomsday outlook for the team but this year seems to have enough pieces still together for the team to make it to the Super Bowl and once they get there anything can happen.

Long Live John Dorsey and his band of merry men who steal from the rich and give to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Is it just me, or…

Or is anyone else on the JMac-Watch-Team like I am. Jeremy Maclin has 985 yards receiving (only 15 yards to go to reach 1,000) for the season and he should get that on Sunday with a catch or two. Maybe this isn’t the time to project the Chiefs needs this offseason but I am still of the opinion that the Chiefs need another Jeremy Maclin and this offense will open up like the Red Sea for Moses. The running game looks like it is in good hands for the next few years and another JMac-like wide out would make a number of defenses shiver. Right now… it’s the oppositions offenses that are shivering to face the Chiefs defense. Now, the Chiefs need an offense that can impose it’s will like the defense does.

Is it just me, or…

Or is anyone else not too awfully concerned that the Chiefs will be missing their two Pro Bowl outside linebackers this weekend against the Cleveland Browns? No… Dee Ford and Frank Zombo do not inspire shock-and-awe… but they should do well in helping to contain the elusive style of Johnny Manziel.

Is it just me, or…

Is anyone else as thrilled as I am with the Chiefs first round pick of CB Marcus Peters? Peters leads the league in Interception Return Yards with 234 yards. Former Chiefs wide receiver Marc Boerigter said recently that no one player is as valuable to his team as Marcus Peters has been to Kansas City. I can’t disagree with that at all. Could he be the Kansas City Chiefs MVP for 2015? Why not?

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What do you say Addict fans? What’s on your mind during this Happy Chiefs Holiday season? Isn’t it a great time to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan?!