Chiefs on Holiday: Is it just me, or…

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Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas day… and were able to celebrate in whatever way is meaningful to you.

Is it just me, or… is there a bit too much intolerance for people who like being inclusive enough to say, “Happy Holidays” instead of assuming everyone is this country goes to a church and not a temple or a mosque or a sweat lodge or whatever one may like to worship in.  Although, I will openly admit I have a great intolerance for devil worshipers… terrorists… and kids who can’t detach themselves from their media long enough to give a one word answer like yes or no.

At this point I just hope I’m not being too intolerant of the intolerance.

Now… on Dasher, on Donner, on Cupid… on Blitzen (let’s especially get on with the blitzen…)… and on to matters of the Chiefs.

Is it just me, or…

Are we close enough to the end of the season to take inventory of our feelings about the new extra point distance? If you’re going to force what is essentially a one-point field goal at an arbitrarily prescribed distance, why not make it another ten yards and truly force the two-point try issue even more? I’ve never been fond of the idea that the highest point scorers in the NFL have always been kickers and yet there are only  3 kickers in the Hall of Fame (Jan Stenerud, George Blanda and Lou Groza).

If you push the extra point out further… or start closer and then add 5 yards for each additional TD during the game… it could not only add intrigue by enticing coaches to go for two more, but keep kickers from being the highest scorers. By the way… Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice is 34th on the list of all-time leading scorers in the NFL.

How you say… “Dat ain’t rite!”

Is it just me, or…

Or is Elf-on-a-shelf out of control. This may not be an Elf… but here’s my favorite Christmas decoration which I purchased years ago from an artist in Kansas City. Love or hate the Christmas season… but you’ve just got to have a place in your heart for the lights and decorations! Plus, I’d love to see Addict fans post pics of their favorite Holiday decorations… especially if it has to do with the Chiefs.

Is it just me or…

Is anyone else as tickled as I am that the Kansas City Chiefs are #7 and the Denver Broncos #9 in the NFL’s current Power Rankings? If you watched the Broncos play the Steelers last Sunday you likely were concerned after the first half when the Mile High kids looked like they were, “Going to Disneyland” following the season’s last game. Fortunately, the Steelers exposed QB Brock Osweiler, so much so that it’s clear they will struggle in any game he is the starter. After all, Denver has won-3-and-lost-4 in their last seven games.

Many Chiefs fans stated before that game that they would be cheering the Broncos to win so that the Steelers would lose thereby helping the Chiefs secure a playoff “spot.” During that game… I just could not bring myself to do that at any point. It is so ingrained in my psyche that goal #1 is to “Win-the-division” that I couldn’t do anything but root for Pittsburgh.

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