Is this the Chiefs offense we want?

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Dec 20, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Charcandrick West (35) carries the ball to score a touchdown during the first quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

But the best example has probably been the revolving door at running back. That statement usually means something negative. But for the 2015 Chiefs, it has been outstanding. Jamaal Charles was lost for the season in Week 5, which has allowed the blossoming of West.

When West in turn was injured, it provided for the break out of the previously unknown Spencer Ware. And with Ware injured this last weekend, it gave an opportunity for last year’s backup Knile Davis. As a result, with only two games remaining in the season, Kansas City has only one rusher that has rushed for more than 500 yards.

That sounds like an offense that may be a concern come once the competition ramps up.

But Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star has a different take. Though he outright admits that the Chiefs current offense is rather boring, he argues that it is the best in recent history and one of the most stable we have ever seen. He sums up K.C. as follows:

"The Chiefs are flawed, and limited in ways that would likely make them underdogs some in the playoffs. But they are also cold and controlled and relentless in ways that mean they’ll be in the playoffs, have a decent chance of advancing once there, and that they’ll be a tough out for anyone."

Cold and controlled indeed. That same rotating group of running back has amassed the eighth most rushing yards in the NFL, and lead the league in rushing touchdowns with 18.  And Smith’s consistent sub-30 attempts seems to be working pretty well. He threw 30 or more passing attempts in five out of the Chiefs first six games, and twice threw 40 or more. Kansas City did a lot of bad losing in that period.

No, the Chiefs have not have had any superstars break out on the offense . . . but they do have wins.  And they have been able to earn them pretty comfortably for the most part. The offense might be forced to come out of conservative mode in the postseason, but until that is a necessity, why try to fix what has been working? When a team has an offense that can protect the ball, be consistent, and score just enough on their own, an outstanding defense can make that team a contender.

That seems to be exactly what these Chiefs have become – contenders. It’s a team led by the defense, and an offense that makes sure they do not try and do too much. It isn’t sexy, and it can leave the door open a bit more than we might like as fans.  But it’s making for one of the best seasons Kansas City has had in recent memory.

It will not make K.C. a favorite against the conference’s best come January, but it may be just enough to make them dangerous.

Go Chiefs!!