Podcast: Playoffs, Pro Bowlers, a recap and a preview

On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker Chiefs podcast,

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to make the playoffs. We can let the cynicism go. And now, when they do, we can even begin to ask who the Chiefs would be best-fit to play. Would you rather see the Chiefs travel to Houston or Indianapolis, or would you prefer a home game, even if it meant facing the Steelers, Jets, or Broncos? (Even before you listen to this episode of the show, I’ll tell you that I would love to see the Broncos return to Arrowhead.)

Also on this edition of Roughing the Kicker: Marcus Peters has some large flaws in his game that we overlook because of his big plays. The good news is that he’s awfully good at creating the big plays. The better news is that his flaws will decrease over time. I have no problem with Peters being a Pro Bowler this year, right alongside Eric Berry and Tamba Hali. But Travis Kelce and Justin Houston? I have to question those selections. (Just as we question how Derrick Johnson is not on the original roster.)

One tight end who had a strong case for the fourth Pro Bowl roster spot is Gary Barnidge, who will be coming to Kansas City with the Cleveland Browns to face the Chiefs on Sunday. I’m currently not concerned. Plus, relive the highlights and lowlights from the victory over the Baltimore Ravens and note what the Chiefs and fans can learn from the game.

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