K.C. Chiefs: Now we’re talkin’

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Now we’re takin’! With 2014 first round pick Dee Ford reminding everyone that he’s still on this team, it appears that when Justin Houston returns to action the Chiefs will have a pass rush for the ages. Now we’re talkin’!

With Dee Ford registering 3 sacks and leading the team with 7 tackles against the Chargers some want to say he single handedly whipped up on the Southern California blue boys. However, wide receiver Albert Wilson provided the necessary difference in the form of a 44-yard Jerry Rice-esk slant for a touchdown which included breaking a tackle. Wilson’s development is coming along rather nicely don’t you think?

I’m sure the detractors will bemoan the fact that the offense only put up ten measly points against a beleaguered, be haggard, defeated and depleted Chargers defense. What those fans must remember is that the Chiefs just won a close game against a good San Diego team. That’s right… a “good” San Diego team. I’m not going to employ the, “Any team can win on any given Sunday,” excuse but Philip Rivers can not be minimized… even when he’s down with the flu.

San Diego had the #8 offense in the league coming into the game with Kansas City. There passing offense was #4 in the league. They may have produced 9 losses in the first 13 weeks of the season but on a Sunday when the Chiefs offense was not clicking, the defense took care of business when the Chargers had driven the ball all the way to the half yard line.

Since the Cincinnati Bengals scored 36 points on the defense in week 4, the Kansas City Chiefs defense has only allowed one team to score more than 20 points in a game against them: the Buffalo Bills with 22. During that time, a nine game stretch, the defense has allowed an average of 13.1 points per contest. Basically that’s one TD and two FGs per game. On a Sunday when the Chiefs couldn’t manage to score more than that amount on offense themselves, the defense stepped up, with their own key players sidelined, and kept a lid on the opposition’s point production. Holding Rivers-Gates-and-company to 3 points is not bad when their team was averaging more than 20 points per contest.

Now we’re talkin’!

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