Top 100 all-time Kansas City Chiefs moments: 25-1

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KANSAS CITY, : Kansas City Chiefs head football coach Marty Schottenheimer (L) laughs as Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt pays him an honor during a press conference at Arrowhead Stadium 11 January where Schottenheimer announced his resignation. Schottenheimer coached the Chiefs for ten years and recently experienced his first losing NFL season as a head coach after the Chiefs went 7-9 in the 1998 regular season. AFP PHOTO/Dave KAUP (Photo credit should read DAVE KAUP/AFP/Getty Images)

22. Marty Schottenheimer hired (1989)

After consecutive seasons of only winning four games in Kansas City in 1987 and ’88, the franchise made the decision to clean house and start over. They needed a winner, someone who had been successful and could change the losing culture the Chiefs had been immersed in. That person would end up being Marty Schoettenheimer.

This move would pay off as Schottenheimer immediately put his fingerprint on the organization and brought back a winning tradition to the Chiefs heading in the 90s. Kansas City went from consecutive losing seasons to a run of nine straight years with winning records and six playoff appearances.

Schottenheimer was widely known for his football philosophy that was often referenced as “Marty Ball,” which consisted of a run-heavy offensive approach attached with hard-nosed defense. This philosophy worked a majority of the time as Schottenheimer went 101-58 in his 10 years with Kansas City and was inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame in 2010.

Although Schottenheimer never won a Super Bowl in Kansas City and made controversial moves like sitting Gannon in the 1997 playoff game against the Denver Broncos, he will still be appreciated for the fact that he helped resurrect a dead franchise and made the Chiefs one of winningest teams in the 90s.

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