Chiefs win ugly but playoff hopes still look pretty

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Once upon a time playing in Baltimore against the Ravens late in the season was a scary game on the schedule. That won’t be the case this Sunday and this game will be more considered a don’t screw it up game.

There is really no reason that Kansas City should lose this game if they are legitimately a good football team. Now, before you blast me I’ll say that it is true that any team can beat any team any week and that’s why we all watch the sport. It would be a horrendous loss if the Chiefs did find  a way to lose this one though.

The Ravens are ailing, they’ll be playing with out multiple starters  on offense and defense who are injured and their third-string quarterback Jimmy Clausen will be leading the charge. Logic would say the Chiefs should run away with this one and they should, but we know better. As confident as I am in this team right now, Kansas City always finds a way to make things interesting, they are by far one of  the more unpredictable teams in the league.

That is why you’ll see crazy tweets like this one below that don’t make sense from the sports world. While this tweet seems like it’s coming from someone who doesn’t watch football and even angers me a little, the Chiefs have botched it in big moments so many times that I get it. I guess.

I know it’s cliché but this is a must win game for the Chiefs. Here’s why, with the Jets and Steelers playing so well right now Kansas City can’t afford to lose another game to an inferior opponent. Pittsburgh is matched up with Denver this week and the Jets are matched up with the Cowboys on Saturday.

While I don’t think that New York will lose, it is very possible the Broncos could beat the Steelers which would allow Kansas City to possibly gain an ever so important game lead on them (if they beat Baltimore) with two games remaining after that. Throw in also the fact that the Chiefs own the tie breaker it would require the Chiefs to lose the final two games and the Steelers win out to lose a playoff spot to them.

This is the greatest time of year when your team is in the hunt around the holidays.

That’s what’s on my mind Addicts, what’s on yours?