Top 100 all-time Kansas City Chiefs moments: 75-51

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KANSAS CITY – NOVEMBER 5: Buck Buchanan #86 of the Kansas City Chiefs looks on waiting for the New York Jets offense to come to the line of scrimmage during an NFL football game at Kansas City Municipal Stadium November 5, 1967 in Kansas City, Missouri. Buchanan played for the Chiefs from 1963-75. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

68. Buck Buchanan gets inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame (1990)

Buck Buchanan was drafted twice in 1963, but made history just once.

Lamar Hunt selected Buchanan with the first-overall pick, making Buchanan the first black No. 1 draft choice in professional football history. The Green Bay Packers also selected him in the NFL draft, but not until the 19th around with the 265th-overall pick. Not surprisingly, Buchanan elected to play in Kansas City, where he spent his entire 13-year career. Buchanan played for a number of years next to fellow Hall of Famer Curley Culp.

Like Culp, Buchanan’s athleticism set him apart. At 6-foot-7 and 290 pounds, Buchanan clocked a sub-5.0 40-yard dash. That size and speed combination is remarkable even in today’s NFL, let alone 50 years ago. That athleticism helped him to make All-Star/Pro bowl appearances in 13 years.

Beyond his disruptive playing style, Buchanan’s contribution to the core of the early Chiefs reign was extensive and the most consistent. Of his 182 career career games in Kansas City, Buchanan played 166 of them consecutively. The current Chiefs players and coaches have a fine example to follow from Buchanan and the early core of the Chiefs’ 60s Hall of Fame roster.

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