Top 100 all-time Kansas City Chiefs moments: 75-51

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KANSAS CITY, MO – CIRCA 1970’s: Wide Receiver Otis Taylor #89 of the Kansas City Chiefs catches a pass over a New York Jets defender during a early circa 1970’s NFL football game at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Taylor played for the Chiefs from 1965-75. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

60. Chiefs steal Otis Taylor from Cowboys

This is one of the great stories in professional football history. In 1965, Otis Taylor was coming out of Prairie View and had ample interest from both the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys, and the American Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs. At the time, the two leagues were in a fierce war over players, hoping to snag the top talent. In this case, the Cowboys had gotten their mitts on Taylor and were trying to sign him before the Chiefs could negotiate with him (Kansas City had taken Taylor in the fifth round of the AFL draft, Dallas chose him in the 15th round of the NFL draft).

The Cowboys had Taylor in a hotel room, but the team babysitter fell asleep. Lloyd Wells, who was the lead scout for Kansas City when it came to black schools, reached Taylor by posing as a photographer and got him to climb out of the hotel window. The Chiefs were able to sign him, and Taylor went on to be the best receiver in team history.

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